Our Approach   Your Craft

You went to school to be an attorney; you passed the bar so that you can help people with legal matters; you are a good attorney; you do the best that you can do for your clients as an attorney!

You take CLEs and other courses in order to better yourself, and make sure you keep abreast of all new and upcoming legal challenges.

You are the one clients call upon for your expertise!

You should not get sidetracked by having to do accounting and other back office paperwork that takes away from you being an attorney.

You should not spend your nights and weekends challenged by accounting software nor should you spend months and years learning the fun and hidden parts of accounting software packages jsut so you can get a statement out to a client.

And most importantly you should not spend months hoping you invoiced the time you should have - it's done for you.

This is what we do!

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